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What You Market Is What Others See ?

What others see in you is what you are able to get their focus and attention on. How come they miss seeing your good ???

"I have often wondered" asked me a young professional who got talking to me in a flight to Delhi ... "why does my Boss see only the negatives in me ? Can't deny the fact that what he sees is true and that I do have those faults which he mentions ... the question is that I also have tons of good. Why is it that he does not see the good but easily identifies only my shortcomings ?"

A lot of us have such experiences in our Corporate life and have concluded (for self solace) that the problem is the boss !!! He is uniquely blessed with reverse Midas touch. He can identify only the bad and when he sees the Good, it automatically turns bad !!!!!

But have you ever wondered that the real problem could be you and your marketing skills. More often than not , people are not aware of their own positives and negatives. Thus if you are on a self improvement journey, I suggest you follow this path :

Rule #1 : Self diagnose yourself and get acquainted with your negatives and positives.

Rule #2 : Ask your best buddy or closest client to do similar for you. You might be in for surprise if he is honest. But never mind.

Rule #3: Learn to subtly market your positives but in a way don't overplay or it may end up sounding boastful!

Rule#4 : Make people aware of your strategy & plans to correct and emerge better fighting your set-backs and insist on telling them often how you are emerging a winner in your endeavor to get better each time.

You may be a great seller of Coca-Cola. But the million dollar question to your success is - Are you able to market yourself better ?

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