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Win like a Thinker ... Think like a Winner

Individual styles of leaders may differ but if one were to hunt for a trend, world's high achievers indicate a similar outlook on life. Ten threads of outlook clearly appear to repeat ... you could draw on them to self-motivate, if you find yourself unable to breakthrough whilst facing challenges.

These are the 10 trends they have in common ...

1. Achievement Orientation.. work on assignments that they feel best about doing themselves. 

2. Belief in Efforts .. take full responsibility for results, invest full energy without holding back.

3.Seeing opportunity everywhere including in what others see as Threats.

4. Search for the hidden thrill & fun in the tasks they pursue - learn to enjoy the chase. Destination follows.

5. Practice till it polishes the talent. And talent has a very small role in the equation. Achievers focus more on 'deliberate' practice.

6. Believe that there are no short cuts to hard work... can't climb ladders with hands in pockets. Effortless success is short-lived.

7. No 'U' turns .. Understand the cause and move on. 'Band- Aids' & plasters help some falls ... get-up but no U turns. 

8. Never burn bridges .. keep networking  relations even with those across the firing line.

9. Keep raising levels .. higher , much higher, much more higher, each time.

10. Redefine new destinations.. the journey of new opportunities, never ends.

There are no 'one stroke' high achievers... that is out-come only of non-repeating random luck. Serendipity. The real high Achievers are self-made... they like a different wiring.

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1 Comment

Oct 11, 2021

All trends are very important but the fifth one is most appealing

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