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You Win and Let The Horse Too ...

You should want to win the race and let the horse also get to enjoy the Carrot .. that is the truth of motivation. Often the riders think they are smarter than the horse. They either show a bigger Carrot but what the horse actually gets upon winning is a much smaller Carrot. Or ofcourse, the classical trick of making the horse chase a moving Carrot such that it will run fast and yet get no Carrot ! Sad.

All motivational studies have indicated that cheap trickery in motivational programs offered has consequences much wider than the cost it saves.

Such cheapos don't realise that all subsequent races run will be lost as the motivational programs will have no further buyers. Trust in the system will be lost, the trained horse will also soon be lost and above all , its market reputation to attract new horses to run its races, will go for a toss. Short term gain for long term losses, not worth it.

Are your experiences similar ?

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