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Winds of today...prison of tomorrow!!

Behaviours we learnt today, will end up becoming traps for the Future. We are all creatures of patterns. We fly into a new zone and learn new patterns... soon we master these patterns and move on to a new zone where we learn new patterns.|

Each one of us has our own tenacity to adopt change. Till that point we keep adapting and keep learning the new 'Patterns' in the new zones. After that, each one of us reaches that Sun-set zone where tenacity and will to change, is given up. We get stuck and frozen in inertia. We suffer frigidity and may even die of 'rigor mortis'!!!. The rest, who continue to be more agile and thus move on to their newer zones.

Inability therefore to cope with the fast changing behaviour patterns, in a way, determines the difference between the 'living' and the 'dead'.

Risk, caution and safety to that extent are only 'guide - guards'. The real determinant of life is its ability to master the new patterns of behaviour and quickly move to the next faster zone !!!

Sometimes, certain 'learnt' human behaviours induced by motivation, tends to debilitate human agility to be tantalised to move to the next faster Zone.

I can recall for now at least four peculiar human behaviours (must be many more )that tend to hinder it's agility and thus impacts its elasticity. These behaviours halt transition to it's next faster area, leading steadily to sinking into the quick sand 'Zone of Inertia' .

  1. We Keep growing Corn, till corn keeps growing : We uniquely love what we repeatedly do. And thus we keep doing it repeatedly unless shortage, spoilage or adversity strikes. A huge shake-up from 'deep pattern slumber', is what it would take. But unless external help was used, the desired break in pattern would not happen. Corn satisfies as a desired reward and the act of farming corn thus gets it's required reinforcement and is accordingly further induced to repetition. Corn would continue be grown in that field, till there is a calamity or a catastrophe or some such 'force majeure'. The non-availability of tubes for black & white TVs was the only reason my father shifted his loyalty from his ever so dear b/w TVs to the Colour TVs.

  2. We keep ploughing the field till the field keeps giving the yield. We do not make serious investments or indulge in regular maintenance activities which prolong the period and health of the field. Thus the yield of the field is the mark which you continue to till, until the land gets barren. This hampers the path of progress or benefits from innovation. Human mind which to maintain good health, acknowledges the need to exercise but does not go beyond exercising thumbs on smartphones, is an example of quick sand inertia behaviour.

  3. More the time and money spent on a failing crop , more the desire to invest greater time, efforts and money in a hope to save the same. We love losing good resources to protect bad investments. Our Pygmalion love makes us invest scarce resources to protect rather than change and move on to other more effective or more innovative alternatives. Human beings generally tend to emotionally get connected even with inanimate objects which are dragged into use even long after the utility of that object is over. Investing in a new field does not get acceptability if you are in the Zone of Inertia.

  4. Our brain works over-actively at the interaction of fields, disciplines or culture where one tends to combine existing concepts into a large number of extraordinary new ideas. It is called Medici effect. That's where people evaluate new options and ideas. That's also where the old world themes mix with new disciplines and innovations. Together they create wonderful new solutions. Change happens best at such interactions. If you do not change, you can not really benefit from fertility of the delta region where the old intermingles with the new. Unfortunately, the sighting of change is closely associated with discomfort. Human psyche shuns pain and tends to continue in it's zone of old pleasure. Thus it never reaches the cross roads where new learning happen.

Agility is life. Zone of Inertia is fatal. How we motivate ourselves to keep moving and revitalising ourselves makes the difference. To that extent inducement and Motivation to transit makes the living difference.

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