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Living In a World of Constant Consonance.

This is based on my Coaching experiences. Let me share and hope it would help.

The theory is simple. We all live in a state of 'Consonance'. Consonance means a balance between corresponding sounds.

This state of constant equanimity is caused by precariously balancing the 'Affirmative Vectors' with the 'Negative Vectors'. We all need to maximise our value whilst managing this dynamic Consonance.

'Affirmative Vectors' represent 'Influencing Vibrations' that touch the positive triggering 'sweet-spots' in our system . The ones that get the best out of us. Such affirmative vibrations as a consequence, creates confluence...a smooth, easy, harmonious flow of energy within us. This is the state which in Sanskrit is called 'samanvay'.

'Negative Vectors' represent 'Derailer Vibrations'. Those that irritate the negative triggering 'raw-spots' in our system and thus get the worst out of us. Such vibrations cause retaliation and total break-down in the smooth flow of energy. Confluence is blocked.

Now as we live our lives, we transact with other people. Our system comes into contact with other systems. Both these systems have their own - 'Affirmative Vectors' and 'Negative Vectors'. These two interacting systems have to collectively create positive Resonance. Only then value is created. That can happen when the 'Affirmative Vectors' of both the subsystems match to create 'Consonance'.

Sometimes, unfortunately, the two interacting sub-systems create 'Dissonance'. The common vibrations thus created in the course of the interaction, blocks and derails the confluence of energy. This triggers conflicts, leads to frustration, anger and at times depression or aggression. Needless to say, no positive value can be created in this.

Now it is no brainer to explain that we all need to maximise value as we transact with other people. And help others to maximise their value too. Why else would we be transacting? As this can happen only in a state of confluence, we need to be alert and smart when we negotiate with other people.

These therefore are the guidelines to enhance the 'Influencers' and diminish impact of the 'Derailers' that will lead to resonance :

👉 Keenly observe and excavate trends and know your Influencers that create Resonance as well as the Derailers that incite your Dissonance. Points of Resonance or Dissonance are thematic by nature. They are not specific in nature. The theme is much deeper in belief than what the words indicate.

👉 Diagnose before you transact. Study the person. Get to understand his 'Affirmative Vectors' and his 'Negative Vectors'. Gauge before you dive.

👉 If there is frequency match, celebrate and maximise value.

👉 If there is mismatch, avoid transactions.

👉 If you cannot avoid transactions (in case he /she is family or say Boss in a job that you cannot give up), enter transactions under controlled conditions. Limit interactions to minimum. Simultaneously, self-condition yourself.

👉 Keep adding influential Positive Vectors to neutralise the collective negativity. Your overall Confluence of life should not be impaired by one set of transactions that blocks your confluence.

👉 Fine-tune your own frequency . Create a taller range of tolerance. If not forever, at least until the mandatory period till it needs to be borne. Deep self-conversations may help. A good coach will help, most certainly.

What is more important for you is to realise that you do not represent the centrifugal force of life. Others may be finding you difficult to transact with. We generally tend to ignore that. A whole set of coaching help you may need to get over this.

But to begin with, realisation is good enough.

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