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Twin Plans - Train & Engage

What a brilliant thought...positive work places TRAIN to ensure Efficiency & Employability and ENGAGE to ensure Motivation & Retainability.

That way you would be a winner through and through !!!

You TRAIN for Employability and to build Capability. You will thus not feel guilty to let go of your People when markets are low and business down-scales. They would be ready and employable. At the same time, Training would ensure that the People who continue with you are competent and can deliver to you the desired Value.

On the other hand, ENGAGEMENT motivates and retains talent. When volatile markets are at their blooming best and business is upscaling , a ready flow of engaged in-house talent would be available to you without loss of time , if you have been seriously Engaging with your People.

Investing in on-going development of your people, will not only create a very positive work environment but will also build a robust and enviable Employer Brand.

Positive work places therefore invest heavily in their TWIN PLANS for Training and Engagement.

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