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Abra-ca-dabra. The magic spell. Words which upon utterance can make magic. Actually, there is serious Hebrew message behind.

ABRA-CA-DABRA actually means - I can create what I say. The illusionist makes you see his hands. They are empty he says and they have nothing, right. He says ABRA-CA-DABRA and suggests that you will now see a pigeon fly out from his folded hands out of nowhere....whooooosh and there the pigeon flies.

That is magic in a world of illusions. But in the real world of people and business, there are similar magical words and phrases which when uttered in the course of group interactions, has magical influence. Suddenly, your acceptability & credibility will go up. The desire to listen to you will multiply many folds. You will experience higher alignment, harmony and you will create better symphony.

Try this out and you will personally experience magic happening first hand. The more use of these words and phrases, more successful will be your magic.

Seriously, try it out. It works....

- Yes, what you say is true ! - Super idea - Great view - Fantastic thought - I like your insights - You are an Influencer - Absolutely right - Your thoughts are Positive - Love your clarity - You are indeed a winner !

Remember, the real effect is in the words. Rest is only routinely practised process.

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