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The Forgotten Middle Management

Hammer claimed that whilst aspirations for business growth might come out of the Boardroom, it is The Firms infrastructure (designed & implemented by the middle management) that makes growth really possible. Whilst it is fashionable Consulting advise to undercut the Middle management, wise leadership fully appreciates its criticality of being the real building block of growth. Middle Mgt is the communications conduit for its top management to remain in touch with realities of the organisation & markets. They are drivers of functional efficiencies, influence improvements in costs, impact quality, drive speed, enhance reliability and help savings. They are guardians of organisation processes. In absence of an efficient middle management,the best visions of the brightest top management tends to crash as deterioration at this level directly impacts execution of plans & thus creation of value. We have often times diagnosed Organisation failures to inefficiencies in the middle management &Top Managements disregard to the quality & disengagement of its middle mgmt. Business leaders may dismiss the value of middle management & disrespect the value of processes at their peril. Middle management is the Spine of the structure.

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