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Emotional Intelligence, where Head meets the Heart

Emotional Intelligence is the intersection where the analytic qualities of the head meet the emotional passions of the heart & together they plan to walk to happier destinations of the future. When these two indeed walk together (not only plan), the leader becomes 'Influential'.

Whilst several traits & competencies are critical for the ultimate success of leaders,high EQ distinctly contributes to maximises value from all the other essential leadership traits.

My Coaching experiences have made me realise that People (including even some professionals), generally tend to use reference to EQ very loosely. Coleman, the propounder of EQ however identifies and makes specific reference to the following 5 distinct domains of Emotional Intelligence based on extensive research in areas of Social Intelligence...

1. Self Awareness (ability to recognise emotions)

2. Self Regulation (ability to control impulses & emotions)

3. Motivation (desire to pursue goals with energy)

4. Empathy (ability to understand others)

5. Social Sills (ability to build rapport & determine consensus for action).

Enhancing ones 'Emotional Maturity' leads to the success of leaders in dynamic organisations .Wise Coaches make their clients realise it's role in their success.

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