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Big Data, Analysed

And the story goes... Unless you know the secret that the hero was actually the only love child between scions of two powerful but warring business families, you will not understand the real story !!! You will not understand what was protecting the hero all the times despite his involvement in all types of shoot-outs in the streets ....Drama lies in the story for such disclosures of relationships are made only towards the end of the story. There is always a hidden story of missing-links that your data wants to tell, which you have not been listening. And when one is doing business you certainly do not want be surprised at the end. Big Data Analytics.....unravelling the real hidden story in your data dump-hill thru planned analytics, actually helps you to change yr understanding and perspective about many critical elements of your business. You may now just realise why your plan was not working all along despite its detailing because you never really understood the real drama and the relational linkages between the critical variables. Wise said devil lies in the details...the wiser say that devil lies hidden in the unanalysed data dump if your business.

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