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Work-life Balance

Work life Balance is about enhancing the 'Authenticity' quotient of the work-place such that the need to keep-up with pretentious behaviour is reduced to its lowest. The work place has to feel like home where one behaves spontaneously with the family. Whenever we have conducted 'pulse-interviews' for our clients on the theme of 'Work-life Balance', we realised that most respondents misunderstand the concept of 'WLF' to a single-point agenda..spending more time at home! That is like massaging an external pain relieving lineament whilst experiencing acute cardiac pain ! We don multiple masks of artificialities at the work-place thus indulging in pretentious behaviours vis-a-vis spontaneous behaviours at home. Maximum number of our waking-life we spend in such a 'pretentious' environment shone of authenticity. Work-place therefore does not feel as comfortable as home. Naturally this fosters a desire to spend lesser time at workplace. Unfortunately, the balance at times tilts and the reverse becomes true. Relationships at home sometimes become so inauthentic that one prefers to spend more time at work-place than at home. Creating '+ Work Life Balance ' is therefore about 'Authenticity' that motivates people to spend more time in that space.

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