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Effective Leaders are Smart and Wise

Effective Leaders are astute and discerning whilst being courageous and displaying fortitude all at the same time...

Leaders are expected to demonstrate fortitude - 'courage of conviction' once a decision is taken and that is a virtue. However, they also need to be flexible enough to change directions and even abort projects should such a need arise. No sense in being rigid and holding on to something purely because of an ego to merely uphold ones decision. Flexibility is wisdom and thus valued....Rigidity is stubbornness and thus scorned !.

Many a times one has seen smart leaders either just giving up rather early in the game merely upon sighting of differences (no fortitude) OR one sees smart leaders argue ad nauseam to defend their decisions taken (not discerning). Thus smart leaders fail.

A wise leader has a flexible backbone and knows - when to hold and when to fold. He has to be bold enough to fold even if it means reversing a publicly postured decision that may have been taken if the starring in face data & information indicates a different story.

Thus the be a winner, an effective leader needs to be both - Smart & Wise. Develop the virtues of discerning fortitude.

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