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Taller Minds reach extraordinary heights.

It does not take the tallest man to throw the ball to its peak height. But it certainly takes 'tallest' maniacal passion for him to be able to do so ! If we chase perfection, we will catch excellence...and that is the secret of extraordinary performance in ordinary settings. Thus the virtues of missionaries thrive over that of mercenaries. The impact of Passion in conclusion over-runs Drive. Super performers are ordinary men and ordinary men have ordinary bones. But it is extraordinary passion and mindless ability to stretch in pursuit of excellence that makes these ordinary bones deliver extraordinary performances ! It does take efforts to be average. To be below average, comes easy. But to be extraordinarily above the average, it is a matter of conscious choice backed by a maniacal commitment to stretch till the goal is reached. Dad said...aim at the sky and you will reach the lamp-post. But if everyone is reaching the lamp-post, you rather be aiming higher !!! Longer bones are helpful but 'taller' minds that stretch are more critical to reach extraordinary heights.

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