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The clutter mutter

Thousands of WApp Groups in the world. What an enjoyable blessing it was. But in the beginning. I am a member of about 65 such groups. Professionals, friends, primary-school, high-school, college, mba alumnus...neighbours, net-friends, tour friends. You identify any socio-economic/psychographic cohort and a WhatsApp group exists around that. Randomly try 'Green - Shoppers from Reliance Food Mall'...surely a WApp group would prevail exchanging info on deals available and offered at the mall. And you would be covered by it. Often you don't even know how you really got sucked into membership of some of these groups. Now, occassions and festivals scare me. Mornings certainly do. Flowers, cakes, birds, cute kids, bees. Love them all. But not so much as to receive them a thousand times over. Pretending to be cute. Infact, I am about to propound a theory..randomly join any one strong WApp group randomly and track it. The theory is simple...all interesting messages, anecdotes, pictures, and jokes on whichever WApp group they originate, finally through the force of viral digital round-tripping of messages, gets forwarded to all WApp groups within a span of 15 days. That includes the one you randomly. Ideally therefore be a member on any one group only. Ultimately, you will receive all messages !!! Maybe people are seperated in life by six degrees of seperation but thanks to WApp groups and digital platforms, people are seperated from each other now only by four degrees of net-seperation. Birthdays of group members make me run away. Certainly, wish them all well but do not want to be a witness to exchange of a zillion greetings. Even the celebrant after the first few thank-you messages, gives up on reciprocating gratitude for the greetings !! Doodle writers flood the groups with their kiddish and some creative interpretations of knowledge, events, information and pseudo wisdom. All jokes finally reach all WApp groups. Sometimes the same material is received mindlessly forwarded atleast 20 times over. And a few more times after passage of a few more days. The poor Group Adminstrators attempt to flex their muscles once in a while but to no real purpose with a few members ganging up in rebellion. In frustration, they give up and the mindless deluge of networking in an anarchy takes over. Sounds, aches and mild echoes of fatigue are being heard...people literally take 'W-app' breaks to detox themselves from this stress. But it looks like soon another networking platform and another way will have to be that connects socially and fills the emotional void in society but without causing a clutter and causing a nauseating burden  

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