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Virtues Of Impatience

Forever has one heard of the virtues of patience - the Zenique trait of being undisturbed whilst waiting for the best outcome to happen having put in the best energy doing the right things. One certainly can't be arguing with the virtues of patience.

You have to patiently wait 9 months for your divine parcel of happiness to be delivered, once you had an intimate & exciting coition with your partner. The dance of impatience cannot help. Sexual coition with 9 partners cannot reduce the divine delivery time to 1 month too ! Impatience cannot help. Wait you must, so calm-down.

Whilst extoling the virtues of patience is not to say that everything is wrong with Impatience. It would be an absurd obliquity to confuse inaction for patience.

Impatience can actually be a powerful lens for improvement. When faced with frustration over an ineffective process or dissatisfied customers, instead of solely critiquing the issue, one couldd leverage that frustration to drive evaluate options and drive one-self towards solutions and enhancements. Let's turn frustration into innovation!

Rather than being merely the calm voice of dissent on things that need critical action, be the impatient driver of action with speed, agility and energy. Create value by reigning in your impatient energy with wisdom.

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