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Change Management Capability

Singularly, 'Change Management Capability' determines a 'Future Focussed Present Ready' leader from the classical leaders. Moreso considering the peculiar dynamics in the markets, viciousness of competition to block success and high chances for judgmental errors on part of the leader whilst designing future forward strategies to achieve the envisioned goal. This capability includes in a way, mastery over the business value chain garnished by knowledge of market options and alternatives. It thus includes capability for periodic progress assessments, ability to regularly gauge market temperature, alternate resourse planning, contingent go to market route plans, fall back resource mining options, funding alternatives, out-sourcing options. Most critical amongst these is Quick Market Intelligence. You cannot lose focus from what competition is doing. VUCA is disruptive uncontrollable 'Black-Swan' factors impacting you, competition &many others alike by their unpredictable & sudden emergence . Ofcourse, you need to plan for it. But there are many other competitor induced disruptors and judgemental errors in ones own planning which needs to be managed which collectively thrown up a burning need for 'Change Management Capability' of the leader. 

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