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Only he who knows himself well, masters relationships.

Greatest blunder is in the belief that knowing yourself is automatic. Self-awareness is an outcome of a Systematic Investment Plan. Only he who knows himself well, masters relationships. Often, we do not invest time even to know the others we deal with. We would do so, if we were smart. But if you are indeed wise, you would actually first begin by investing double that time in knowing yourself better than anyone else. Self-awareness is step 1 to Emotionally Intelligent thinking. You will be quite surprised to realise the moving duck of motivation within you. Your own behaviour may surprise you.That is worst. We tend to react automatically to situations without knowing what drives us. Understand and become self-aware first. Being self-aware will help you to understand your Motivators & Demotivators Knowing your Motivation is like knowing the fuel that drives your vehicle. You have to know it and only thereafter will you be able to bring out effeciencies. If you do not know the kind of fuel that drives your car, you will be a lost man at the Fuel bunk. And God forbid..imagine the outcome if you filled the wrong fuel and tried to drive your vehicle. Emotional Intelligence without self-awareness is exactly like that. 

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