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  • Adil Malia

Questions from a Worker

Only the King gets the Salutes...only the leader takes the rewards. We tend to forget that greatness lies within nations and organisations as much as it is with the leaders. We miss out often on acknowledging the silent albeit critical role played by the unknown millions behind success. The meaningful 'Questions from a Worker' excerpt from a poem of BertoltcBrecht, the Marxist playright is so apt...came across it and thought of sharing it with my friends... Who built the town of Thebes of Seven Gates? The names of kings are writtenin the books. Was it the kings who dragged the slab of rock? And Babylon, so many times destroyed, Who built her up again so many times? Young Alexander conquered India, All by himself ? Ceasar beat the Gauls. Not even a cook to help him with his meals ? Philip of Spain wept aloud when his Armada Went down. Did no one else weep ? Frederick the Great won the Seven Years War. Who Else was the winner ? On every page a triumph. Who baked the victory cake ? In every decade a great man. Who picked up the check ? So many reports. So many questions. 

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