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Should I now invest in further education?

So often am I approached by Sr professionals with the question - Do you think after so many years in the Industry, I should now invest in further education ? Let me share my thoughts & you search your answer. The most fertile soil does not necessarily produce the most abundant harvest. It is the use we make of our faculties which renders them valuable. If you feel fully utilised in yr current state but perceive a need to add new richer ingredients to your soil to create better fertility & efficiency..well, you know the answer. But if you currently feel unutilised & frustrated, further education is not your answer. You are barking a mango tree in search of dates! You actually need a serious conversation with yr Mgr for a role change. Field rightly suggests that the man who put $10,000/- additional capital into an established business is pretty certain of increased returns; and Same way, the man who puts additional capital into his brains to build his capabilities - new information, well directed thought, analytics, tools...will get increased yield and thus returns. There is no capital and no increase in capital safer than that. But first ensure that you are getting the best returns on the investments already made. Hope it helps you find your answer. 

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