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Gossips in the BRUM world

Most of corporate workforce lives a BRUM work that is banal, routinely repetitive, uninspiring and mundane. Gossiping thus provides a pocket of relaxation in the ensuing drudgerry of the work-life. Thus no organisation can actually be devoid of gossips. It is an organisational reality. Boss is having an affair...John is moonlighting..Jerry is cutting a side deal with the suppliers...Bob's wife is 'sweetie-pieing' his EA..the intern was staying overnight at Remmy's house when his wife was at her mother's...and add all spicy imaginative combinations to that. Whilst some of it may actually be true, quite a bit of it is often imaginative figmentation of the human mind seeking diversion and titillation in a BRUM world. Sad part of this is sometimes you are the perpetrator and sometimes the victim of the gossip web. Each time you are a perpetrator, you tend to indulge mindlessly in it seeking in a way relief to your BRUM moments...each time you are the victim, you vehemently deny and try to go on a wild-goose chase to find the originator. Unfortunately, it deepens the validity of the rumour by repetition as you show worry. Often such investigation thru multiple degrees of seperation, will bring you back to identify someone you imagine as your principal adversary in the system who has an agenda in your analysis of the hidden agenda, to be the source point of such initiation. How do you protect sure-shot formulas but only experiences to share with you. 1. If not true, just ignore. Soon something more interesting will capture the imagination circuit. Remember, each gossip has a 'Best Before' self life. Will die its own death. 2. If there is truth in such rumours, be ready for it. Sooner than later all facts reach the coffee-point rumour circuits. Mentally be ready. 3. If it is based on half-truths...say you did go out for a friendly dinner with your intern (which was seen by some one) and which now has become an imaginative gossip point in their BRUM world, but you had dropped her safely back home (which was not seen by the gossipers)...I would go to my Manager and clarify to him so that the Management that matters knows the fact and does not carry a negative belief. Tell the truth and leave it. Personally I would say - don't be very sensitive. If it is not the fact, it will die its own death. I have been a veteran victim of several such rumours...don't worry. It is like the rain shower. Wait where you are and enjoy. It will just pass away. Sameday later, sit with the gossipers and have a hearty laugh over it. 

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