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Archer's Paradox

An Archer has to master the 'Archer's Paradox' to hit the bulls-eye. We grew up believing that to hit the target,one has to aim dead-on. Have an unwavering focus and aim at the target. Do not let your sight & your thoughts wander around.Focus on the bird's eye. Arjun was given this lesson. Generations thru, we learnt the same thru transferred learning. But real time learning is slightly different. For a perfect shot, you need to understand the flex of the arrow. This helps the Archer understand the trajectory & the aerial deviations of the arrows in the mid-air. Arrows develop a certain amount of stiffness in its shaft whilst travelling and thus it deviates mid-air. A successful archer shoots a few trial arrows at the target to determine how far the arrows deviate. It is based on this judgmnent that the Archer plans his final shot. This is called the Archer's Paradox. Chances of the arrow hitting the target dead-on depends on the stiffness in the Arrow's shaft & wind movement prevailing at the time. Our mistakes are like test-shots. Understand where our efforts fall shot. Post that plan the final burst of efforts to reach the target. To become truly proficient, understand mistakes as part of the winning journey. Only then you win 

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