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Blow Hot...Blow Cold

Knowing yourself is to Discover the path to your success.You cannot begin your journey to success anywhere else. The bus begins at the Terminus ! Thus getting trusted people to give you robust feedback assumes importance. But for that to be meaningful, you got to be a 'radio- listener' - one way sound-waves with nothing to contribute but listening.Taking feed-back is not as easy as it sounds. Our ability to absorb feedback & react to it is impaired by 2 influencers that lead it astray. First, 'Hot Cognition'. The kind of feedback that makes us feel terrible about us. You start wondering if you were all that bad. You get into self denial & thus prefer to remain quiet & forget it. Second, 'Cold Cognition '. It is like pouring cold-water above yr hopes. You were anticipating +ve feedback in yr mind about the contest that you won. But the feedbacker just ignores mentioning anything meaningful about it. You draw erroneous conclusions from the generic feedback you receive &thus commence improvement work in the wrong direction. Feedaback goes astray. Whilst taking feedback be mindful. Both emotions & logic trip us . Be cautioned. Our mind plays games & leads it astray, when we listen to feedback. 

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