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Equanimity between Resilience and Flexibility...

The classical debate goes the kind of vulnerable and complex market times we find ourselves in, should people and leaders opt to be flexible and thus adjust or should they be so passionately committed to their purpose that they should opt for resilience and keep trying to achieve their committed goals again and again? Should the goal-post be changed or should attempts be made to rise again and make yet another attempt...take yet another stab at the same goal ? A negative mind-set at the first sign of failure, shifts the goal-post. A resilient mind-set being passionate, gets up to fight again and again. Blended with 'Maturity, Wisdom and Seasoned Judgment', an effective leader knows where to draw the line that balances the two - grit & resilience with wisdom and maturity to brings about equanimity and a balance on the table. Success involves not only coping well with challenges & crises but also relishing good things when you find them, says psychologist Michele Tugade. That way, when life gets difficult, you can benefit from a well-rounded outlook based on positivity and optimism. Keep a balanced perspective and choose your affirmations wisely, given this dilemma when you face it ! 

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