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Most Corporates blunder in their Employee Communications Agenda.

Employee Communications Agenda

Ironically, the 'Agenda of Expectations' and the 'Agenda of Delivery' are contrarian...whilst the former is a very micro-detailed agenda of expectations from the employees and other stake-holders (see the doodle), the latter - 'Agenda for Delivery' is largely in Corporates built on macro-messages and is designed to deliver information to stake-holders only on a 'need to know' basis...which generally is minimalistic.

A specific survey needs to be conducted depending on studious segmentation of the employee demography and roles. Priorities in their expectations, medium of communication preferred, themes of priority, periodicity, channels of preference, platform density etc all need to be analysed.

Historically, companies prefer to indulge in top down communication without any plan. Some legal sounding announcements of new appointments or stern pronouncements of restrictive people policies or occasionally boring Town Halls..where one is not favoured to ask uncomfortable questions.This is what Cos have misunderstood to be the full syllabus of communications to sadly cover.

Depending on the identified needs from their 'Information Needs Survey' , good Cos prepare a Communications' Calendar to coincide with their Employee Events & Engagement Calendar and also their Annual Business time- table. Constantly thereafter, they are on a look-out for touch-points to reach out and communicate their bonding 'moments of truth '.

The blunder most Cos make is limiting Communications as a responsibility to one expert Communications' department. Whilst that brilliant department may hand-hold the process, each leader really drives the emotional bond thru Communications in his team. His training for Communications is missing wholesale, most often. That's where it collapses for most Cos..the Achilles heel. They miss out on micro moments of communication where the umbilical cord connects each employee to the larger Co.

No single process in the Organisational Transformation journey thru the 'Reframe-Restructure-Revitalise-Renew' phases assumes more critical a role than Communications.

Why Cos transformation agendas fail ?? Tell the doctor to diagnose malfunctioning and deficiencies in the communications sub-system !


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