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Everybody wants to be an effective speaker

Everybody wants to be an effective speaker

Everybody wants to be an effective speaker.

It's a competence that helps you to be recognised as an effective leader...though there is much more to Effective Leadership than only that.

The doodle below takes you thru the process with an aim to help you...

Step 1..Seriously think about the theme and its dimensions

Step research. Nothing comes automatically. Each new speech means new preparation. Content is everything. You don't want to throw only your style or your language. You have to convince. Don't speak if you are not sufficiently prepared. Your brand will get negatively impacted.

Step 3..Now think add-ons and embellishments to make your speech a pleasure to the listening ears

Step 4..Practice before a mirror..nothing will look attractive unless you see it yourself and like it. What gestures at which point, need to be all scripted in your mind

Step 5..Meditate quietly on your chair before your turn to speak comes..rehearse your steps and moments in your mind..

Go ahead now, peacefully..have an interesting beginning..connect with the do not lose track to your theme. Deliver confidently and there you are.

From a nervous cat to Mark Anthony...try it and connect with me, should you need help.

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