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'Internal Repository of Personal Space' - your real Passionate Driver

Each one of us has within us, our own 'Internal Repository of Personal Space'. In this we store our mind models, beliefs, ideas, feelings, values ,views, maybe even biases...everything that is personal and exclusive to us. The unique content of this space makes us what we Adil, you John, she Jane etc. Periodically, we draw ingredients from this space to write our scripts and narratives. The narrative you write makes you fight, take-flight, underplay positions or passionately go all-out to achieve Vision. The only way to penetrate the impregrable fort 'IRPS' is through 'influence' & positive experiences. Rightly, our parents used to insist on us keeping good company. The simple logic was that in good company, the chances of picking up good ideas, opinions and values are high. Thus what gets really stored upfront in ones 'IRPS' space as investment would be good. The task of engaging +ve people, crafting 'happy' people experiences around the Co and designing an eco-system that conveys positive signals about the Co, its Vision and its Culture to them becomes the critical leadership challenge. In a way if you see, leadership is about positively influencing peoples' IRPS. 

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