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The rewards in business go to the man who does something with the ideas that haunt his mind...

Behind every advancement of human race is a germ of creation growing in the mind of some individual....some individual whose dreams awaken him in the night whilst the others may be lying contentedly asleep. Your most brilliant ideas come in a flash. But you need to slog and put in your best for such flashes come only after you put in hard work. Nobody gets a big idea when he is not relaxed...but nobody gets a big idea when he is relaxed all the time too !!!. A mind full of ideas does not let the man sleep peacefully through the nights. Rightly says Anne..treat ideas somewhat as though they were baby fish. Throw thousands of them out into the waters. Only a handful will survive but that is plenty for life to move on and succeed. Never hold on to ideas whose time has past as much as never withold new ideas whose time has come from germinating in the fertile soil of your mind. The wise initially possess only ideas. Threafter they capitalise these ideas and possess the whole world. Says HG Wells and so true....human history is in essence, a history of ideas !

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