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An effective leader is his team's potential talent Sodawaterbottleoperenwalla !!! Creatively think about it. Each member in a leader's team is differently talented. Each with an unique potential..sometimes seen, sometimes hidden times patent, at times latent..sometimes in direct areas of assignment..sometimes in different areas not directly connected with his work.But potential each one has, for sure. Unless that unique potential is identified & unleashed, people feel unsettled, suffocated, disengaged & bottled within..very much like the gas particles in a Soda bottle waiting to explode or escape in a hurry till the soda bottle is unopened. An effective leader in this context is therefore the potential talent Sodawaterbottleopenerwalla of his team !!! He is expected to constantly be in touch with each member, recognise & identify their hidden potential talent and having done that, uncrown the bottle and let that potential talent find its true level & expression. Teams get disengaged when the leader fails in this role. Train your leaders amongst other things to be effective potential talent Sodawaterbottleopenerwalla !! Lol...the world of competency mapping has just identified a new one..'SoWaBoOpWlla' !!! 

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