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Mea culpa is about Accountability....Accountability is about 'unconditional responsibility'. Responsibility has reference to one's ability to respond to a given situation. Once you have accepted responsibility, there is no justification thereafter in blaming the conditions as being 'outside your control' or 'circle of influence'. Uncertainty of these conditions has to be factored into your consideration whilst accepting that responsibility. Rightly they say that gravity has the potential of pulling the costly crystal vaz down. If you have taken the responsibility to hold the crystal vaz safely, you cannot now blame gravity for having pulled the vaz down if you have not been careful !!! Responding & Responsibility are the 2 Dualities of Accountability. Accountability is about 'responding' in the face of the situation to the best of your ability, knowledge & intent. Thereafter, it is about taking unconditional 'responsibility' for its out-come, be it failure or success is immaterial to Accountability. 'Mea culpa' about fulfilling both these conditions...where the leader says I am accountable for directing actions in a given situation and thereafter fully to be held responsible for its outcome 

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