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An equation to solve

Try solving this equation 8X7X6X5X4X3X2x1= In all probability you will multiply the first few digits and then making an educated guess at the answer. Anyways, on an average most people do that and their answers are way too low then the real mathematical answer ! Results reveal that people tend to labour initially and then tend to indulge in mental short-cuts and take 'Cognitive Naps' !!! People generally have lazy tendencies and thus indulge in sub-optimal mental short-cuts. Nobel Laureate Herb Simon coined the term 'Satisficing' to explain this human tendency to work just enough to achieve a mediocre goal. Hidden in this behavioural tendency is the slowing down of human progress ! Most people when we surveyed, in their first response to the concept said they did not indulge in 'Satificing'. In the second Question to quickly solve the equation above, they did exactly that...multiplied the first few digits and then indulged in taking educated guess at the answer. Try it yourself, you don't need to report out anyways !! Negotiations suffer big-time due to human 'Satisficing' !

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