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The Leadership Gap by Lolly Daskal

Within each one of us a leader, we have powerful abilities that are also by themselves hidden impediments to our success. A collective polarity of two competing characters BUT only one leads to greatness.

Each leader has a distinctive leadership 'archetype' ( and there are 7 predominant archetypes of leadership ). All of us have that one as his archtype our predominant style. That is the good-news. The bad news is that each such archetype of characteristics brings along with itself, an unintended negative twin dimension of that archetype. You inherit in totality the positive along with a negative archtype of that leadership style. Carl Yung calls this gap the SHADOW. It is the person you rather do not want to be !

The Seven archetypes are....

1. The Rebel & the Imposter

2. The Explorer & the Exploiter

3. The Truth Teller & the Deceiver

4. The Hero & the Bystander

5. The Inventor & the Destroyer

6. The Navigator and the Fixer

7. The Knight & the Mercenary

leadership gap

A human being is a unique combination of many parts consisting of polarities that creates a whole person. Generally people at different times reflect adoption of different styles of leadership. However, they have a predominantly preferred natural style that they generally prefer to transact from.

The quintessential message is that Great Leaders have the ability to rethink who they are.... they are open to learning , changing and growing as leaders provided they are willing to own up their vulnerabilities and find their

Leadership GAP.

This book is for those leaders who are looking to create long-lasting success and realize that they have much remaining yet to learn !!! It make them recognise the fact that the forces that propel ones success could actually be the also the same forces that could be sabotaging their success !!! It is written for those who desire to be better problem solvers, better leaders and better human beings.

All leaders need to do is to identify their leadership gap and thereafter leverage that Leadership Gap and find their path to greatness.

Great leaders can change the world... but first they need to change what is within that blocks their greatness. Greatness lies in the gaps between where you are and where you want to be.

Rightly said Viktor Frankl... between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to chose our response. In our response lie our growth and our freedom.

This 210 page book narratively written over nine chapters is for self developing leaders, who want to achieve their greatness. Some of my coaching & consulting assignments for Friday suddenly got cacelled, unannounced. I ejoyed reading this book straight from Thurday night to Friday evening.

I enjoyed reading it. I learnt. I realised that I have yet a long distance to cover on my greatness journey... literally, miles to go before I rest !!!

Recommended for reading particularly for the growing breed of Coaches in the Management space .

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