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"There are risks and there are costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction. " -John F. Kennedy Instead of tackling the most important priorities that would make us successful and effective in life, we prefer to indulge and walk on the path of least resistance. This would end-up making one feel busy and doing things that simply will relieve ones stress and tensions....such as shuffling papers, writing unnecessarily long emails and marking copy of that to the entire universe of people - connected or not that in receiving and responding one gets to feel a sense inactive busyness !  Personally, I prefer researched action (which includes researched inaction). I can even tolerate unresearched action.  But as a leader, I cannot co-exist with unresearched inaction with a weak excuse for the same. Inaction is the burial of a professional man. They may send wreaths at the funeral but certainly,  the obituaries won't be complimentary.  

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