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A query for you

Dear Adil Sir,


I keep reading this Management adage as much as I periodically hear some peers say - 'Don't pick a Job - Pick a Boss'. I am unfortunately in this trap now. Being an PGDBM from IIM, I picked up this campus 'day zero' job with a fancy FMCG Co. I personally can say with confidence (and you will have to trust me ) that I am competent. My peers look up to me each time they have a work problem or challenge.

Now here comes the hidden monkey : - for strange and inexplicable reasons, my Manager has not taken upto me. Day 1. He does not trust me. Avoids giving me critical work assignments. He prefers to give it to lesser qualified and lesser competent peers - who anyways seek my advise when they have a problem doing that assignment . He generally takes our team members, one-on-one out for lunch, but has never invited me. His ratings of my performance hover around average+. I complained initially, but have left it at that , later years.

I feel doomed. I have spoken to him but he just denies any such bias. A reference to HR for transfer, has also not yielded any positive results. I also know that a boss who doesn't trust you, will never give you opportunities to grow. Surely, I am ambitious and growth is important to me.

IS QUITTING THE CO I LOVE WORKING FOR, THE ONLY WAY FORWARD ??? Painful if that is the answer...

Tell me if I should quit...??? -Confused Soul

Let us help this friend of mine, drop your comments below!

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