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Strength of Partnerships

The strength of a strong partnership is tested in the storm...  Storms and adverse terrains call to test the real understanding, the silent communication, emotionality of the context,  sensitivity of touch and the authenticity of concern for the well-being of partners. It is easy to sweetheart when the going is smooth. Easy to make those tall promises of strong bonds, partnerships and sacrifice. But come adversity, shades of grey suddenly get acutely defined, blame is disproportionately apportioned, promises to stand steadfast vanish with the same alacrity that they were originally made and accepted.  True for personal relationships ... true for corporate leadership as well.  When disaster hits the floor, only the authentic leaders stand by. They accept accountability and thus take moral responsibility for whatever that may have happened. They may chastise the guilty in private but the rest see the leader accepting his failure and apologising for the lapse. And that indeed shows the real character of leadership. Heroes on stage are not necessarily heroes in the battlefield. Only time and adversity tests their heroics .  The strength of a strong partnership is indeed tested in the storm...  

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