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The Bus

Driving the Bus is a beautiful analogy used to explain our life. We are in the drivers seat.

Right behind us, in the first few rows we have seated our chosen navigators. These represent the articulate and compassionate parts of our personality that we are proud of and want the world to see. When the road is tough and maybe paved and if the Driver is distracted, he calls upon the proven navigators sitting in the first few rows to guide and keep us on course.

The few rows behind, in the back, we offer seats and hide the repugnant and disgusting twin brothers of our navigators...our characteristics which we want the world to not identify us with...pent up rage, repressed sexuality etc. Our success navigators from front rows being protective, do not let their notorious step brothers come close to the Driver.

Sometimes, the road is extremely bumpy and there is an unfortunate accident. Mix-up then happens. One or many of the disowned characteristics - disillusionment, annoyance, temptations, anger (from the back rows), burst through the strong curtain, wrest the wheel and take over control.

Unfortunately, none of the characteristics despatched to the back seats are inherently bad or evil. By societal misidentification or some unhealthy bench-marking, they got wrongly pushed into the dark canyons of our subconscious - thus they mutate there into shadows and emerge as dangerous saboteurs. Analogy here is similar to an innocent man being imprisoned along with other hardened criminals. He resents the suppression and seeks to express himself to the world - in a crude way that he has learnt and knows best, at the first available opportunity !

After crisis is subdued, the good forces once again retain control. However, much in advance of such crisis, it us better for us to be in touch with these banished parts of our personality and character. Visit them periodically at the back of the bus. Acknowledge them. Greet them. Hear their stories. Instead of berating and punishing our lust and anger, recycle them into healthy alternatives and seek their allegiance in finding a path to help us step into our greatness.

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