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Cleansing the Collective Consciousness

Sure it may be true. Let us give benefit of doubt... Yes, some willing We2 - 'Sweetu' partners of yesterday could be sour Me2s screaming 'rape' today...Yes, Me2s could be using opportunistic attacks as reason to cover up performance deficiencies... yes, some Me2s may have been convenient 'friends for benefits' indulging in silent partnerships to enjoy mutual benefits and now when the well may have run dry, be throwing up soul-cleansing arguments on social media storms to cover-up their guilt...yes, and some may just be pure professional black-mailers. Yes, I have very closely and professionally handled such cases.

But these could be 10 % cases. I am a man best, I say that such could be at best 15% cases. Not higher. But by using cognitive logic of such random possibilities, are we as men attempting to postern justify and give benefit of doubt to all the other 85% cases. Cases where men have indulged in literal 'naked' misuse of positional power to satisfy their unacceptable primal lust and indulged in predatory carnal attacks ?

Yes, we as men are wholesale guilty...of having tacitly or actively indulged in joking, ogling, nudging, pinching, cat-calling, flirting, suggestive gesturing & messaging and all such degenerate actions with their perverted variations. If nothing else than we are all guilty of remaining silent throughout.

This is not a right or wrong moment of debate. Our society is going through its cultural cleansing. 'Manthan' . 'Vish' is bound to come out. Gender equality is not about singing hosannas to your mother, sister and teachers on International Women's Day. It is much beyond.

Yes, we are wrong and they are right. We need to go through a mass cleansing process ..... let us first begin by saying unconditionally a sorry.

Don't fight the '#MeToo' .... rather join in cleansing the collective consciousness...say, I am Sorry.

Yes, I am sorry !

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