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Happiness and Engagement

I don't come to work for happiness. I work here to earn money that buys me happiness elsewhere.You are not supposed to get Mangoes on Apple trees! 'Happiness' - the last post I wrote, got +ve feedback. But unfortunately, it also got some hits. Taste one : 😫 Office is scary but I work hard here because I have to earn. Can't lose my job. I carry that money outside to buy my pleasures from there so that I can enjoy pleasure in my private space. Why thence bother if work here is pleasurable? Work is work. This seems like building a case for disengagement & consequential unhappiness. Neuro sciences have clearly established a direct link between thoughts,feelings & actions. Unhappy people vitiate the work environment. They discolour perspectives, negate attitudes, spread platitudes & negates general employee desire for stretch performance. The overall sentiment thus becomes generally vitiated & the air of performance is impaired. Blow off the candle and destroy the myth. Work is not mechanical - feelings & emotions at work really matter. It is just not possible for people with emotions to be working in an unhappy environment & yet be contributing passionately for its growth. Happiness & engagement are critical. That is the quintessence. 

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