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Happiness and Personal Inner Work-Space

Happiness at work-place is about Power of Progress & unleashing the Power of Small Wins. It is an emotional roller-coaster. People have a natural tendency to progress towards 'meaningful' work & get opportunity to experience achievement. Employee feelings in his 'Personal Inner Work-Space' as he goes about sincerely performing his task, is critical to happiness. A cock-tail of emotions, feelings, motivations & perceptions make-up his 'Personal Inner Work Space'. The morale, dedication & passion with which a person drives to do that meaningful work is a direct out-come of feelings triggered by his 'PIWS'. Depending on this he invest his discretionary best. PIWS has a potent effect on productivity, quality & creativity. Minor as they may seem, tracking progress of these unnoticed small wins, goes a long way. This is the essence of The 'Power of Progress'. Managers yield more power on their teams than what most imagine.They need to understand the 'Power of Progress' & thus acknowledge people's small wins (they do not make big wins every day). Supporting them in their daily progress towards meaningful work makes an effective leaders Big Plans fail when progress is not tracked & 'Power of Small Wins' not recognised to bring happiness in the organisation

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