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The Win-winner

Adam Smith - the original 'Win-Win-er'.

Man is the animal that maketh bargains. Smith the most renowned classical economist was the original propounder of the concept of 'the Common Interest'. Motives of human beings are partly benevolent & partly self-interest. However, self-interest was always more dominant. That is Adam Smith's 'Psychology of Bargaining' in its basic perspective. Says Adam Smith that the most frequent opening gambit in a bargain is for one party to let the other know that .. the best way for you to get what you want is for you to give me what I want ". We tend to fulfil our self love over other's humanity. That is the quintessence. Indeed, Man as an animal has subsequently refined the primal instinct of survival through bargaining into a science. Remember the Kindergarten tale of the 'The Lion & The Rat' ? The strong Lion grants amnesty to the trapped Mouse for a promise of future help ! Much later, the same Lion caught in the nets of a hunter , got rescued by that mouse who chewed up the hunter's net. But the new Wiley thought is slightly different...'Win to the Winth Power' . Let go Win-Lose, Lose-Win even Win-Win. It is beyond the two players, rather about the entire eco-system which has to win for a better planet to live on.

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