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The Busy bee way

The Busy Bee way ! A few stray thoughts,a few observations & a few points of view Like the way some dear friends have asked..why no posts for last few days ? Let me explain. Like the way, am on a break in Bhutan. Original Content Creation for a post, needs investing about 2 hours of work from concept to its execution. That includes time to paint an illustrative doodle. And so I don't wish to dare an angry family, with acute desire to poison my cheesy Bhutanese meals. Like the way, Bhutan is a quaint Kingdom, the Bhutanese are different. They are peaceful & happy at their own leisurely pace. And that we cannot understand. Like the way, we forever seem to be in a hurry and always in some race. And this they cannot understand. Like the way, landlocked between a raging tiger & a ferocious dragon, it has opted for 'Human Hapiness Quotient' contrasted to Economic GDP Quotients. A small kingdom of 7 Lakh between Giants - wonder if it has other options ? But like the way I admire the attitude .. you two stress & kill hoping that success in economic battles may bring yr people happiness. Until then, let us leap-frog & start living a life full of happiness. Smart these Bhutanese, I say ! Thus no serious posts until next Monday. Am understanding happiness. 

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