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Morning cup of Green Tea

Unless you learn to welcome your morning .. you will not enjoy a great day. I do it my way, with a soothing cup of green tea Let me tell you my special way of making the first cup of green tea... Firstly, you need to shop a collector range of beautiful tea mugs.Slowly, pull out one mug to express yr mood of the day. Boil the water on a slow flame. Place the 'Tetley' pouch gently in the mug with the tail on other side of the handle. Pour the boiling water..slowly. Gently let the boiling water splash & wake-up the sleeping tea in the pouch. Let it soak for 2 minutes & then cover it up with a saucer. The water inside should be suffused. Put a slice of lime into it. No sugar. No condiments. That's how I like it. Dim light the room. No phones. No W'App. My favourite spot is the couch by the large French window in the living room that faces the Arabian Sea. Sip it hot. Hold your breath a moment . Don't gulp it down. Then let go. Let the steam slowly come out with your breath. Feel relaxed. Idle out your time. Make most of the moment. Keep indulging yourself lazily. You will hear the birds. Normally, the sounds you miss. You are welcome to have tea at home whenever you my friends. But not this first cup. That's time for me with me ! 

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