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Sharing a unique learning experience from my diary notes The Board of a CO found its soft spoken internal IT head - the most unlikely candidate, to be replacement for a fired CEO. Detractors predicted disaster but he proved to be best yet ! Now where is the problem? Post completing the task he thought he was brought for, he indicated desire to go back to the IT job & asked the surprised Board to find his replacement. Whilst his discussions go on, the learning penny dropped. Not everybody desires to do the top job.People may be happy doing a job that enchants their mind & tittilates their curiosity. 'Cincinnatus' was a wise & respected farmer in Rome. Emperor was killed & Rome was about to be annihilated in a war. Some powers that be felt that only Cincinatus could save Rome. Reluctantly he accepted the job. Legend has it that he defeated the enemy Aequi at Mt.Algidus, in one day ! They offered to make him the new Emperor. But he returned the ring & went back to farming! Much later, Cincinnatus helped Rome clear yet another unsurmountable mess but rejected the ring & went back to farming. What engages people is not glamour but content that enchants their minds, tittilates their curiosity & drives their passion. Design that into jobs & Engagement is guaranteed. 

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