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Seamless Interplay between Genuine Meritocracy & Authentic Diversity is the Alchemy of the magical potion for success ! If nations at the macro level & organisations at the micro level want to genuinely succeed in creating value, they need to value the synergistic interplay between the two 'Values'  - Meritocracy & Diversity. Both together at the same time Whilst meritocracy is fairly well understood, Diversity is genuinely misunderstood. The problem of diversity begins with its wrong mental & social construct in our minds. We have limited the definition of diversity to generally include only the 'Observable Cohorts of Physical Diversity' - complexion, gender, physical abilities, mental capabilities, qualifications, economic prosperity, social classes, castes etc  The 'Diversity' that really adds palpable value to business is diversity of views, opinions, beliefs, ideologies & doctrines. What good would inclusion of 'OPCD' based diversity bring if it does not add value to the decisions or quality of discussions ? Singing the same song & keep nodding like a 'chimming doll' - white, black, brown or yellow to the tune of the powerful, is non value added diversity. That is the quintessence of the message when Victor Hugo rightly said ... they laugh at me for I am different. I laugh at them because they are all the same ! 

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