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Quantum Leadership

Build your Capability and Train your Mind In my coaching moments, I realise that most CEOs (read C-Suite professionals) feel frustrated because they do not find the larger system supporting & reciprocating their efforts. Partially true.  However, also true is the fact that they have themselves not invested sufficiently in building their self-capabilities nor trained their minds to experience peace.  Consequently, their dependence on others becomes very high and they are unable (being impatient) to react to their frustrations with equanimity, peace & tranquility.  The vicious dual circle of frustration & failure thus gets triggered. Quantum leadership is an outcome of Capabilities & an Equanimous mind. And this is what we work on. Very similar to thought in the doodle. If one simply wraps some leather round one's feet, it will feel as if the whole earth is covered with sheets of hide, which alternative is so impractical (read the doodle) Potential leaders of the future need to foster that in a tumultuous & uncertain world. 

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