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Composite Wholesomeness

Leadership is about Composite Wholesomeness. Wholesomeness maketh a leader. There are many qualities that a successful leader is expected to reflect. But no one person in real times can be a collective embodiment of all such behaviors. In fact,actually reflect certain behaviours that may in isolation appear to be those of as a weak leader. But this is where the folly lies. Say e.g. 'soft-spokenness'. Generally, in isolation is viewed as an unlikely and an inconsistent leadership quality.However, deeper analysis reflects that Successful Leaders actually reflect composite wholesomeness. Contrarian dimensions of behaviours in combination maketh a wholesome leader & not a 'copy- book' leader. In Ramayana, Rama before leaving Ayodhya addresses the distraught citizens & tells them to immensely love Bharata as he is a Composite Leader. He says...Bharata will prove to be a dynamic & caring King. He makes acute observations on his Paradoxical wholesomeness. He says Bharata may be young in age (vayy-o-baalah), but he is ripe in his wisdom (vayy-o-vridddhah). He may be gentle in his demeanour (mriduhuh) but fierce in combat (viraya-gunnanvitah). A leader needs to have composite qualities of head & heart,sometimes calm, sometimes aggressive,at right times blowing hot, generally cool. 

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