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Good coach, moves on

When the time is right, a wise Coach moves on... The mandate & agenda of a Coach is predetermined ... he has to build the King's skills & art of warfare, wisdom for Justice & Governance and undying love for the happiness of his people. There were occassions when Chandragupta got misguided by his other ministers and for months, did not seek Chanakya's counsel. Chanayaka felt ignored & could have moved on. But the wisdom that he was matured with by his father the great teacher - Chanak, it stopped him from moving on. He realised that the task was not complete and Chandragupta still needed more exposure to wisen up.  A great Coach bears the pain but doesn't move till the task is complete. Once the Coach believes that the King is ready, he has to move on. For him there are many other roles , higher purposes and different destinations that he needs to move-on to. Much against Chandragupta's desire to hold on and not let him go, Chanakya moves on to his next stage and one night walks away ... from the Palace of luxury into his forest Ashram of austerity. Corporate Coaches have a strong lesson to pick up from this. 

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