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Man in the Arena

Ultimate Winner Is The Man In The Arena Some people will talk & argue and have  firm post-mortem views on everything and everyone who takes action .They seem to know things better than the original doers. Even experts. They can tell how the strongman could have done it better, how Bradman could have hit his century faster, how Mohammad Ali could have kocked-out his opponent quicker or Barbara Streisand could have sung sweeter. They are all expert air-guitarists.  'PAAC' is a condemned tribe (Passive in Action but Active in Comments) for it is never the critic who ultimately delivers. One with the 'bias for action' is the Winner ! Even if the man in action fails, he fails while daring greatly. He thus is the ultimate Winner. Replace 'PAAC' with 'BACC'...shun the ones Passive in Action but Active in Criticism and motivate people with Bias for Action who Condemn  Criticism ! But before you do that for others, begin by checking out your tribe ... are you PAAC or are you BACC ? 

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