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Case view

Dear Adil, Follow Sacred Sanctity of the Rules .... or Pursue Purity of the Purpose ??? I am confused .... I am indeed very confused. My boss tell me that he always wants us to follow all rules & regulations. Even when we frequently work late till wee hours of the morning(3am) , our Boss expects us to report to duty the next day on time i.e. by 9:15 am. We have got so conditioned that we now don't go home at all but stay back in office, so that we can report on time (despite inconvenience). The worst is the realisation that there is nothing very critical to be done in office the next day. Why then this unnecessary inconvenience ??? It now is impacting our health and family has started minding it. We aren't even adequately rewarded for the same. I am now slightly confused. Is my boss doing the right thing as a leader by expecting us to strictly be in compliance with all the rules even when there is logic to allow valid concessions or is he being just rigidly strict ???  This is more in the nature of my learning so that I end up appreciating the correct ways of leadership when I get into the such exalted position in any Leadership role in the future.  Literally, my dilemma for learning  : follow Sacred Sanctity of the Rules .... or Pursue Purity of the Purpose and not clinical & mindless pursuit of Rules ??? R. Kutty John Crest Building, Mandi Road, Surat. Dear friends, Whilst I will shortly pen my thoughts based on my experiences, what are your experiences ???? Share your views. Surely, you too have faced this dilemma. 

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