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Dangerous communication

'Boss Listens to him '. What a powerful internal brand positioning. Winners manage a balanced flow of their Communications' Traffic. If a perpetual red signal blocks the flow of your listening and a perpetual green signal allows an overflow of your speech, the disastrous traffic-jam in free conversation can only make you unpopular, ineffective & autocratic. Listening is more about 'sense of attention' than only communication. Thus it is very valuable & sought of as a recognition from the leader . When a leader doesn't listen, the follower perceives a sense of rejection & thus gets disconnected & consequently, disengaged. Aspirational Leaders thus listen as a means to recognise, connect & engage with teams. See the disastrous traffic jam in the doodle. A 'No Entry' signal blocks general listening. A perpetual 'Red Signal' confirms no accidental inflow. The resultant traffic jam is obvious. However, powerful leaders put-up a limited access barricade that allows convenient trickling of message from select 'loyal' sources particularly those who give only complementary, comfortable and safe messaging. This is the source of the power base of those loyalists. 'Boss, listens to him' thus becomes a powerful corporate internal brand positioning ! Listen, if you want to be heard. 

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