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Leadership 'CompLetes'

CompLeting over Competing the critical 'L' ...

Corporate Leaders sometimes get insecure when they experience high potential talent under them. They get into a competitive mode thus diluting sanctity of the role of leadership. Power-loaded in their favour, such leaders succeed in squashing aspirations of hipo talent. Leadership not for nothing is called the critical 'L'. It adds value to compete by making it 'compLete'. Rama, Sita & Laxmana were on the banks of Godavri. Suddenly, Rama challenges Sita to a swimming race. No way could a delicate fairy imagine to win over a rugged trained warrior. Rama realises it too...what purpose would winning the meaningless race serve ? Rama thus dunks under the water allowing Sita to take a lead over him & finally win. Rama did not want to win in a relationship to drive home the point that he was stronger. He rather preferred to lose the race but win in love & relationship. Such is the expectation from leadership. Leadership is like a metal chain.. putting people down is like rust. It eventually breaks the chain. Pulling people up is like oil that keeps the chain rolling. Leadership has to sacrifice & invest energy to develop. It is more critical than winning a meaningless race in a relationship. 

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